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is an organization that helps build the future leaders of this country

by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun.

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The Objective:

Create a compelling brand video to debut at their annual fundraiser event to raise $50,000. These donations would create a sustainable community-supported well system that provides clean water for 500 Costa Ricans.

The Result:

Agua Viva Serves raised $75,000 for operations.

Monumental Productions has been incredible from the start. We wouldn't have surpassed our fundraising goal without their expertise and amazing film.

Jon Tschanz, Communications Director

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The Process:


1. Create Marketing and Distribution Plan

2. Learn the operations and objectives of the Agua Viva Serves team working in Costa Rica
3. Understand the process to establish a new well system
4. Develop story characters from the drill team and from the villagers they are serving
5. Production logistics (shoot dates, locations, equipment, travel, permits, etc)


5 day shoot at 3 locations throughout Los Chiles, Costa Rica

     · Location Scouting
     · On-site Script Development
     · Interviews with key characters
     · B-roll with drill team, villagers, and Costa Rica environment



1. Develop the full length video, taking into account feedback from key stakeholders
2. Develop a teaser trailer for promotional use on social media
3. Develop a shortened version of the video, for use in presentations and on social media



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