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is a not-for-profit cultural and educational organization whose mission is to serve as a bridge of friendship between the people of Indiana and Japan.

With the global spread of COVID-19 throughout 2020, and subsequent lockdowns, anti-Asian sentiments were on the rise throughout the country. To address this hostility in their own community, the Japan America Society of Indiana (JASI) partnered with us to create a web series to showcase authentic Japanese culture and experiences. 
The goal for the series was to:
  1. Educate residents of the greater Indianapolis area on Japanese culture through the universal language of food. Each episode was hosted by a Japanese ambassador, Momoko, and co-hosted by the head chef of each restaurant as they explained how they created their most popular Japanese dishes. 
  2. Increase JASI’s visibility by enthusiastically promoting Japanese restaurants, contemporary culture, Japanese cuisine, master chefs, and JASI itself.

We produced an 8-part “edutainment” web series, Oishii Indiana, that quickly became JASI’s most engaging content on Facebook and YouTube. Each restaurant we featured experienced a spike in restaurant visits, takeout orders, and social media engagement when the restaurant industry and Japanese community needed it the most.

This is a ground-breaking series for us, and we’re having so much fun with it. Thank you for your support and the excellent quality of your work! It was such a wonderful experience to work with you.

The Consulate General of Japan for the Midwest viewed the first episode and said how impressed they were! One of the senior staff members is also an experienced photographer. He commented on the lighting, the editing, the pacing, saying that it’s excellent. He also mentioned how wonderful Momoko’s presence is, saying she really brings forth the aura of Japan and with a bright spirit.

Theresa Kulczak, Executive Director

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