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is committed to make sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible,
with innovative technologies and clear focus on our customers’ needs.

In order to combat the catastrophic effects of climate change, the power generation industry is rapidly pivoting from traditional fossil fuel-based production methods to sustainable and renewable energy production. To meet this challenge, Siemens Energy wanted to tap into the ingenuity of their global workforce via a framework to rapidly scale new business ideas. 
Siemens Energy adopted KICKBOX, a three-stage employee innovation development program created by Adobe and marketed by Swisscom. This methodology aims to empower their tip-of-the-spear employees with the tools, time, and resources to innovate, test prototypes, collaborate with real-world clients, and scale solutions. For the global rollout of this program, Siemens Energy called on us to create an enthusiastic launch video that would:
  1. Inform employees globally about WHAT Kickbox is and a high-level idea of HOW it works
  2. Drive employees to a landing page to register and submit ideas for consideration
We produced a launch video in 3 languages, providing their launch event with global visibility, energy, and inclusion. The video was frequently repurposed for additional launch events throughout the world as new markets adopted the program. 
Due to the wild success of the launch, their Global Communications Department brought us on to produce additional content and an internal series “Meet the KICKBOXERS,” showcasing success stories from around the world to further inspire employees to “become the CEO of their own idea.”
Within a year, KICKBOX became the fastest growing and most popular innovation program Siemens Energy had experienced with over 240 Redbox ideas accepted from 30 countries and 52 departments, 67 BlueBox ideas funded, and a global community of over 500 people.


These guys just get it. Monumental Productions is adept at taking a creative brief – even one involving highly technical material – and turning it into a story that people can relate to. We are glad to have found them!

David Camacho, Senior Internal Communications Specialist

That’s how we create a company that does something real and important for the world. And that’s ultimately how we make real what matters.

Hayden Smith, Ventures & Incubator Co-Founder

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