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Who We Are & What Headaches We Cure

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Monumental Productions is a digital marketing agency that transforms people's stories into cinematic films that engage the world with their mission.

We take a classical storytelling approach to every project because that method simply makes sense to all people, regardless of culture or language. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication because its power is in emotionally connecting with viewers, so they learn something without being taught.

Our creative production process simplifies the complex and visualizes the mental so that viewers enjoy engaging content and clearly understand how to take the next step in the relationship. Over our 15+ combined years of marketing and communications experience, we consistently hear these three big challenges that companies face when using video to engage with their customers.


3 Common Video Production Headaches

1. Finding an Agency Who "Gets It"

When Comms and Marketing folks are tasked with "making a video", they need to walk a fine line between creating a compelling message and effectively spending their budget. Video production companies vary greatly in costs, time, and attention. It's frustrating to be dissatisfied with a result at the end of a project, switch to a new agency, and then start from square one.

We want to become long-term strategic partners on a first-name basis with our clients. Our goal is to earn the position of being a trusted extension of a company's marketing or communications department by delivering pre-determined results. As an agency, we know onboarding requires investing time to understand a company's strategy and the environment of the project. It's valuable and effective to have an agency that thinks and acts as one of your own.

2. Crafting the Message

Companies struggle with how to best connect with their audience. They find it challenging to convey technical or complicated information in a way that interests people and motivates them to act.

You need a video that drives results. It's easy to become too interested in delivering a beautiful video rather than an impactful video. A successful video drives people to act, and stunning visuals are only one piece of the puzzle. That's why we start each project by asking:

"If this project is wildly successful, what does that look like to you?"

Once we've clarified that "win scenario," we then get to work, ensuring every detail of the story works to achieve that objective.

3. Lack of Clarity

Finally, after days, weeks, months of writing, shooting, and editing, one of the biggest migraines is reviewing a vague and unimpressive First Cut. It's demoralizing.

If a project didn't have a clear objective upfront, the revision process can feel endless and end up being very costly. And it's a very sour note to end a project on for all parties involved.

Monumental Productions provides clarity from our first conversation all the way until the likes and shares start pouring in on your latest post. We storyboard our projects upfront, so we're literally on the same page and have the right expectations. And then we set out to deliver exactly what we've visualized.

Video marketing can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. If any of these headaches feel all too familiar, we'd love to grab a virtual coffee and start planning your next story.


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